Monday, September 3, 2007

Man Cat Monday with Max

It's so relaxing to just sit and watch Max do what he does most and does best : SLEEP! He's an expert at it. He does it anywhere, anytime, and it doesn't matter how noisy or how quiet it is. He sleeps curled up in a ball or straight out, on his back or on his tummy or on his side. He doesn't care that Sebastian will sometimes come and sleep right on top of him. He doesn't care. I'm sure if he absolutely had to, he'd sleep up side down or standing up! :-D
Of course he gets very angry when, while he's enjoying his, Sebastian comes along and decides to start ...uuhhhmm..attacking his tail!

1 comment:

Lux said...

Max looks like he's got napping down to an artform! So cute! (I mean manly.)