Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sasha

So Sasha absolutely loathes the camera. She only has to see it and she's off in a hurry to...I don't know where. She does not want to be anywhere in the vicinity of the camera. She's not afraid of it, she just doesn't like her picture taken and will do anything to avoid me getting a proper shot. She'll come and rub herself against my leg so that all I can get is a back shot, or she'll turn her head right or roll over just as I press the button. :-/
So you can imagine my surprise when I took out the camera and she jumped up beside me and sat while I snapped several photos of her. She just sat there giving me a look that said, "Make sure you take enough pictures to last you a lifetime Miss, cause you ain't getting any more of me after this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

And then, once she had enough of the flashy box, she did her get-up-and-walk-off thing.
I think, though, that she did have someplace to get to in a hurry. You see I know she didn't want to be late to board the Friday Ark over at the Modulator and I know she really had to go get all cleaned up for this Week's Weekend Cat Blogging over at "Sher's What Did you Eat?" and the Carnival of the Cats over at Mind of Mog. Ooo! What fun this weekend! :-D


Lux said...

What a beautiful shot of Sasha!!! She looks so soft ...

Ann (Chat Katze) said...

Thanks Lux. She is very, very soft. :)