Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging in the Friday Ark!

What? It's the weekend already? Wasn't the weekend just last week?!

Well, if it's the weekend, it must mean that it's party time! Yeah! We're heading on down to one of our favourite little spots where the Friday Ark is about to set sail for a round of Friday Fun.
But the fun and games don't stop there folks! No sir! The Weekend Fun Begins at the Bengal Brats' pets' garden and goes on til the wee hours of dawn on Sunday. Slo grab your party hats and get on board!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home Again!

Stripe is back home and quite glad to be so. He is healing nicely and is on his absolute best behaviour. Indeed, although his first point of order was to push his face right into BJ's food bowl...while BJ was still eating from the said bowl, Stripe hasn't wandered far away from the front door since he has been back. I wonder how long this will last :-D

Do you notice that nick in his left ear? He left one morning with his two ears quite perfectly whole and came back with piercing. You can see that nicked ear here as well.

All truth be told, the little guy had me worried and I am glad to have him back home. :o)

Stripe was also quite happy and grateful to see the kind comments and good wishes for him these past few days and wanted to thank you ever so much.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

I'm happy to say that my little busybody boy Stripe is healing nicely and will be home before the weekend. He will get to eat only soft canned food for now until his jaw heals, so he'll be happy about that. He's still at the vet and will stay there until maybe Thursday evening.
He is, of course, most definitely not happy with this arrangement and vocally expressed it when I went to visit him today. He promised all kinds of good behaviour from now on. Hmmm...knowing Stripe he probably will break these promises on the first day he gets home!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tummy Tuesday with BJ

It's Tuesday which means that there's a Tummy Tuesday party going on over at Lisaviolet's Diary! This week BJ decided to show off his white tummy. I caught him snoozing yestarday like this. As soon as the flash went off he woke up. You should have seen his expression! I missed it because my camera wouldn't click fast enough. :-) Needless to say I don't think he was amused.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Man Cat Monday


He came in Friday, had his dinner and then didn't show up on Saturday morning. At first I thought nothing of it. He has been neutered but still has the travel bug and goes wandering off every now and then. He usually makes his re-appearance later on in the day. He never stays away longer than a day.

So when Sunday morning rolled around and he still didn't show up I started to worry a bit. By Sunday evening I knew something had happened to him.
He finally showed up this morning (Monday) and his face looked a little funny. On closer examination he looks like he's been in a really serious fight. His mouth wouldn't close and his face looked swollen. He doesn't show any interest in food or water. He won't allow me to take a closer look in his mouth (growls, scratches and hisses) or face but I do get close enough to notice that his mouth smells really...I mean really bad. Oh oh...

This is where it gets kind of gross so be warned. turns out that Stripe has a broken jaw and a really nasty cut in the back of his mouth. The smell? Well most of you pet owners might know that smell. The cut in his mouth was infected with...maggots (Jamaica has a really serious screw worm problem). :-(

So my poor baby is in the kitty hospital tonight for the first time in his life.

How he got that jaw broken and that cut all the way in the back of his mouth (toward his throat) is completely baffling to us all. But then again, Stripe is the most curious cat I know. He probably stuck his head somewhere it didn't belong, as he usually does. :-(

Friday, June 22, 2007

We're Blogging this Weekend from the Friday Ark!

It's the weekend! Which means it's Weekend Cat Blogging time! This weekend Scampy over at ScamperDude is hosting. And he's showing us the cutest members of the Cute Kitten Club this weekend. Check it out. They are absolutely adorable!

Don't forget to get on board the Friday Ark! There's loads of fun promised this weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some Tummy for Tuesday

Every Tuesday the kitties over at lisaviolet's diary invite all of the cat blogging world to show off their most prized possession: their tummies!

This week Daniece has sent out the invitation to all of us and Stripe decided he wanted to show off his...well...striped tummy.

Remember to enter the cutest kitty contest over at Astrid, Kashim and Othello's blog! The deadline is June 20, 2007.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A contest and Man Cat Monday!

Ooooh Ooooh ! Have you heard ? Have you heard? Have you heard the exciting news?

Astrid, Kashim and Othello have their own website now! Isn't that cool? And what is even cooler is that they're hosting the bestest contest ever! The prize is totally top secret. In fact it's so top secret that I doubt even paulchen knows what it is! Ha!

The contest is a fundraising effort for Elijah’s Rescue and the last date of entry is June 20, 2007 so be sure to enter!

The pictures above from top to bottom :

Max : I had just got my new printer, had just taken it out of the box and was in the middle of setting it up. I saw a flash of black in the corner of my eye and heard some scuffling. When I glanced over, there was Max sitting proudly in his box looking up at me with that oh so surprised look! He does it every single time. :)

BJ : I think this is his cutest picture yet because it's the only one I have that shows up his blue eyes! :-) He was actually staring at a lizard that was perched right below me. I don't think he was pleased when I snapped this picture and scared the lizard away!

Sebastian: Ahh...there are so many pictures of Sebastian that are THE cutest! Ha! How do I choose just one?! I don't know why I chose this one...I just love how his paw is sticking out. ;-)

Sasha : I love this one because I think her colours are so pretty against the green lawn.

Stripe: I just adore this picture of Stripe. He was a kitten at the time and loved playing in this grass.

KC : Doesn't she just look like a perfect little lady? :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

All aboard the Friday Ark! Let's go Weekend Cat blogging!

Yay! It's Friday again! And that means that it's time to board the Friday Ark.

It's also time for Weekend Cat Blogging # 106 being hosted this week by the gracious Puddy over at A Byootaful Life.

Well, KC got so excited that she did a flip and a little dance. Then she got thirsty and rushed on over to her favourite watering hole - a little place known as "The Plant Container!"

That plant water must have tasted really really good. I lifted her and put her in front of her water bowl that contained freash clean filtered water. She took one look at it and went straight back to "The Plant Container". I poked and prodded her while she was drinking and she just continued lapping up this gloriously filthy water.

What is it about dirty water that attracts cats so? :-D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

The Evidence and Tummy Tuesday

Here is the lovely artwork that Sebastian created on my coffee table...

...and on my window sill:

...and here is the little culprit showing off his Tuesday Tummy.

This picture was taken a couple of days after I got Sebastian. I'm amazed at how fast he has grown since this picture!

Don't forget to check out the other lovely tummies this and every Tuesday over at Lisaviolet's diary! This week it's Richie Cunningham's turn to show the world his lovely soft tummy!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Man Cat Monday

My house is being painted. The window sills were painted a bright, crisp, white yesterday. They looked so nice and clean and it really freshened up the place a bit.

I had to go out yesterday evening, but, because of the humidity, the paint wasn't dry when I was ready to leave so I had to leave the windows open.

Of late, my precious white baby Sebastian has started this new thing where he sits on these window sills and looks out. He'll actually walk from window sill to window sill admiring the view - mainly Dawg Lu. The other cats prefer to go outside to admire the view.

Well, when I got home I noticed something funny on my very dark brown coffee table. There were little white paw prints making a semi straight line right across the table. And the clean freshly painted window sills? Well, there were little brown paw prints all across those. I examined everybody's paws and saw no traces of white paint, but Sebastian's paws fit just perfectly to the marks on the table so talk about caught red handed...or white pawed as the case may be! :-)

So if anyone knows a way to get white oil based paint off a dark brown stained teak coffee table, I would greatly appreciate it! :-D

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sasha

This week has been a very hot, dry week, which, of course, is lovely as May was a very wet month. But boy it has been hot, and I do mean hot! So when it started raining yesterday, I was happy, because it has cooled down significantly.
All the other cats want to stay inside when it rains as they don't particularly like to get their paws wet. Sasha, though, doesn't care whether it's wet or dry. If it rains then you can find her under a car somewhere outside, or sheltering under a leaf...outside.
While Puddy over at it's a byootiful life is going into winter, we are feeling the heat of summer coming on. If it's this hot in June, I shudder to think of what it's gonna be like in August! Eeek!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tummy Tuesday # 46

Well, Miss Rachel, I think your tummy has to be the most beautiful tummy I have ever seen. And no, I don't say that to all the girls.

And since you showed me yours, I wanted to impress you with mine :-D

No those are not tufts of fur...those are my rock hard abs...heh heh ;-)
And now, *sigh*. Dawg Lu decided she wanted to show off her tummy too. I tried to explain to her that Tummy Tuesday is only for us felines. She doesn't know what "felines" is. And since she threatened to hold her breath until I snapped and published her Tummy it is. I wonder sometimes whether Dawg Lu knows she's a canine.

Make sure to check out the other tummies every Tuesday over at lisaviolet's diary!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Man Cat Monday

This is what BJ does. He sits and stares at you from afar. And stares. And stares. If you're in a room with him and move around, his eyes never leave you. If you move towards him he gets up and runs under a chair or bed or table.

He doesn't like it when people come by for a visit. In fact, BJ doesn't really like anybody...except when he's hungry. Then, then he is the friendliest cat you could ever meet. :) He's been this way ever since he was a kitten. He's never been through any trauma, except the trauma of birth!
Cute little man he is :D

Sunday, June 3, 2007

WCB #104 & Friday Ark Fun!

Sasha. Sasha. Sasha. This little girl is most definitely NOT an indoor cat. She comes inside to eat and that's as much house as she can stand.

She spends every other waking and sleeping hour outdoors. She drinks water only from every puddle, pool and every possible dirty watering hole that is outside. She apparently does not like the taste of fresh water in a clean bowl.

No matter how you brush her, wipe her face clean and otherwise try to groom her to make her look presentable, she just goes outside and rolls in the dust and frustrates the whole thing.

*sigh* Sasha would love to invite all of you to board the Friday Ark and jump into the Weekend Cat Blogging Pool of fun!

Luna over at CatSynth is hosting WCB # 104 this week. Great Job Luna !