Monday, June 25, 2007

Man Cat Monday


He came in Friday, had his dinner and then didn't show up on Saturday morning. At first I thought nothing of it. He has been neutered but still has the travel bug and goes wandering off every now and then. He usually makes his re-appearance later on in the day. He never stays away longer than a day.

So when Sunday morning rolled around and he still didn't show up I started to worry a bit. By Sunday evening I knew something had happened to him.
He finally showed up this morning (Monday) and his face looked a little funny. On closer examination he looks like he's been in a really serious fight. His mouth wouldn't close and his face looked swollen. He doesn't show any interest in food or water. He won't allow me to take a closer look in his mouth (growls, scratches and hisses) or face but I do get close enough to notice that his mouth smells really...I mean really bad. Oh oh...

This is where it gets kind of gross so be warned. turns out that Stripe has a broken jaw and a really nasty cut in the back of his mouth. The smell? Well most of you pet owners might know that smell. The cut in his mouth was infected with...maggots (Jamaica has a really serious screw worm problem). :-(

So my poor baby is in the kitty hospital tonight for the first time in his life.

How he got that jaw broken and that cut all the way in the back of his mouth (toward his throat) is completely baffling to us all. But then again, Stripe is the most curious cat I know. He probably stuck his head somewhere it didn't belong, as he usually does. :-(


The Cooking Ninja said...

Oh...poor Stripe. My heart is just crying when I read what happened to him. Thank goodness he came back to you. I can't imagine him wandering for days like this. Hope he gets healed soon.

chat katze said...

I hope so too. Thanks for your kind thoughts cooking ninja.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Poor thing! I hope he gets better and learn to look before he sticks his head where it doesn't belong.

chatkatze said...

ming, I hope this will be a valuable lesson to Mr. Stripe. Somehow though...I really doubt it.