Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

I'm happy to say that my little busybody boy Stripe is healing nicely and will be home before the weekend. He will get to eat only soft canned food for now until his jaw heals, so he'll be happy about that. He's still at the vet and will stay there until maybe Thursday evening.
He is, of course, most definitely not happy with this arrangement and vocally expressed it when I went to visit him today. He promised all kinds of good behaviour from now on. Hmmm...knowing Stripe he probably will break these promises on the first day he gets home!


Merisi said...

I had to smile, when I read your comment on my blog: While I would be tempted mostly by the cute containers of some of the candy, I am the proverbial kid a that book store next door. It's a second hand one, and I always manage to discover some must-have treasures in there.

I am so glad Stripe got stitched together again, and is recuperating nicely. Could it be that he was in a close encounter of the human kind?

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

oh my, we are so glad Stripe is doing better. hopefully he'll be back from the vet soon to snuggle with his mom and getting better.

momma said - after reading what had happened to Stripe: See this is why you both are indoor boys.
She always says she'd be much to worried if we were outdoor not knowing if and when we'd come home and if we'd be in one piece by then...
On the other paw Othello always manages to get into trouble so it might be better to keep him inside though'

hugs and purrs
Kashim & Othello

chatkatze said...

merisi, I have no idea what kind of encounter he had to be honest. It could have been a cat fight or he could have stuck his head into something and couldn't get it back out. Unfortunately Stripe has a tendency to jump into cat fights and stick his head into strange places. One day I saw him with a container on his head trying desperately to get it off. It had to be cut off!

kashim & othello, I wish I could lock him inside too! :) Unfortunately the nature of living in the tropics means cats are rarely indoor cats. Maybe I'll build him a special room that mimics the outdoors ;)

The Cooking Ninja said...

I'm so happy to hear that he's feeling and getting better. Hope he wise up a little bit from this painful adventure. He is sure a handsome kitty. :)

chatkatze said...

ninja, I sure hope so too! :)

And thank you all for you kind thoughts and wishes for my Stripe.