Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sasha

This week has been a very hot, dry week, which, of course, is lovely as May was a very wet month. But boy it has been hot, and I do mean hot! So when it started raining yesterday, I was happy, because it has cooled down significantly.
All the other cats want to stay inside when it rains as they don't particularly like to get their paws wet. Sasha, though, doesn't care whether it's wet or dry. If it rains then you can find her under a car somewhere outside, or sheltering under a leaf...outside.
While Puddy over at it's a byootiful life is going into winter, we are feeling the heat of summer coming on. If it's this hot in June, I shudder to think of what it's gonna be like in August! Eeek!


sher said...

Oh yes! We are hot here too. Summer is on its way! Pretty pictures. Thanks for taking part in WCB.

Katie said...

What an adorable picture! It's funny that some cats don't like the water but when it rains, they're out there sheltering under something rather than being inside. You would have thought they'd want to stay inside where it's nice and dry!

I hope the weather behaves for you and that you get a lot of rain to hopefully cool things down! Hot hot hot is never fun fun fun! :D

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

That is such a lovely picture! We're heading into summer here but so far slowly - hope it continues that way. We're not ready for really hot yet!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Here it is also hot and my kitties lie like big omelets! Sasha is very pretty..

chat katze said...

Funny enough these guys and gals don't seem to mind the heat (or the rain) so much.