Friday, May 11, 2007

Seven Random Things

We've been tagged by Aloysius to present seven random things about us.

Here are the rules : Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and ask them to read your blog!

Here are seven random facts about us :

1. Stripe : I loooooove Roger Federer! I sit and look at my autographed picture of Roger Federer every now and then and say to myself, "Self, in a few more months you will play just like Roger Federer used to play before he got into this silly losing funk."


2. Sasha : I am a picky eater. I refuse to eat the same thing two days in a row. I will not eat dry food in the morning. I must, MUST, have my gravy in the morning and my dry at night. No, I will not have any gravy in the evenings. That's preposterous. This drives my mom crazy as she has been trying to get us all to eat dry food only, mornings and evenings. I guess she doesn't understand that I am a cat and I must have everything exactly the way I like it. Especially when it inconveniences every human in my life.


3. BJ : I'm the only kitten who got to stay with my cat-mom Sasha. All my other brothers went to other homes. I'm eight years old and still have not warmed up to humans as yet. I am very suspicious of and do not trust anything that walks on two legs as I truly believe that all humans work for the government and are out to get all of us cats. In fact I'm not so sure I want to be a part of this "meme"...who do you work for? Why do you want to know this information about us? Hmmm...I smell something fishy here...there is a conspiracy afoot! I will not divulge any more about myself as I don't trust your motives! Good bye.


4. Max : I like drinking water out of every container (toilet bowl water tastes the best actually) other than my designated drinking bowl. I also like to surprise mom by going outside and bringing her all kinds of goodies that I hunt and catch. I especially like catching small mice, and lizards late at night after Mom goes in to bed. I bring them inside to her alive. Once I get them inside though, I quickly lose interest in them, let them go and then usually will try to get some sleep. But Mom gets so excited when she sees the goodies, especially the mice! She jumps onto things and screams and runs around with the broom! I'm usually too tired to join in the fun though so I'll just lay there watching her...happy in the knowledge that I brought her so much joy!


5. KC : I was not abandoned. I just got thoroughly bored with my previous home and so decided to discard those humans about six years ago. I went in search of a new palace and new subjects who would serve me humbly and eagerly. I ran into BJ and his cat-mom Sasha and decided to check out their subjects and their palace. I liked it so much I decided to stay. No, it never did occur to me to ask the humans if they minded. Their opinion never counts anyway. I do not like to be petted...wait...I do not like to be touched and will growl at you if you insist on that "petting" nonsense. If I like you, and am confident that you will not touch me at all, I will voluntarily jump/climb into your lap and take a nap.


6. Sebastian : I'm the youngest of them all and have an enormous amount of energy and like to direct most of that energy in chasing...well...just about anything. It doesn't even have to move. I specialise in tails, however. Especially Max's tail. He doesn't like anybody (not even Mom) playing with his tail, so I chase it just to annoy the heck out of him! He's sooooo funny when he's annoyed. Hahahahahahahah!

7. We live with three of these stupid, stupid creatures called 'dawgs' who we all really, really despise.

We will try to tag seven other cat bloggers later as we must go get our cat naps now.

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amanuensis said...

I am really enjoying learning about all of you. You have a wonderful home, with lots of beautiful plants. Aloysius says "purr." Check out his Tummy Tuesday pics today.