Monday, July 9, 2007

Man Cat Monday

After this Weekend's Cat Blogging and the fun party on the Friday Ark, BJ was completely worn out. I caught him napping yesterday behind a couple of flower pots. BJ normally likes to sleep under trees outside in the open. When I saw the curled up ball of fur here behind the flower pots I thought at first that it was KC as this is normally her favourite place to snooze. I somehow suspect KC would not have been pleased to know BJ was in her spot as they cannot stand even the very sight of each other and have never, ever gotten along with each other for even one second!


The Cooking Ninja said...

I think BJ is just doing it to tickle off KC ;) naughty kitty

Mendoza said...

Your blog is plenty of cats. I love the cats

Ann said...

lol! I think so too ninja :)

mendoza, there are a lot of them aren't they? Sometimes I feel like holding an auction and selling them for the lowest bid! Especially Sebastian! lol :)