Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging & The Friday Ark!

The thing with Sebastian is this. If you bring anything new into the house or happen to put something new down on a chair or on the floor he feels compelled to go and lie on top of it. New shoes, new curtains, new anything. Here he is lying on top of my new curtains. As long as they were down on the chair this was his new sleeping place.

Puddy at it's a Byootaful Life is hosting this Weekend Cat Blogging Party nad is having an optional "Yellow" Theme in honour of the Simpsons Movie opening. Although I can't stand the Simpsons (gasp!!) Sebastian wanted to participate 'cause he just loves themes...and he just looooves to be in the spotlight! :-D

And don't forget that every single Friday The Modulator invites us all to come aboard the Friday Ark so make sure to join in the fun and visit both parties this weekend!


Aloysius said...

Those drapes really compliment Sebastian's fur. No wonder he has to claim them! Now they smell like him, too.

Katie said...

Sebastian is a gorgeous cat and he looks so comfortable on those curtains! Thanks for taking part in WCB this weekend, and thanks also for using the yellow theme! I've added your link and look forward to seeing you at future WCB's! :)

sher said...

Well, he looks perfect there. He has to sit there, because it was obviously made for his coloring. Fabulous picture.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Sebastian is a gorgeous looking cat! So beautiful!

Gattina said...

Sebastian is the same as two of my cats, as soon as there is something new they have to nap on it ! And why not new curtains, lol !

Ann said...

Aloysius, sher & rosa : Oh Sebastian's head is getting quite fat with all those compliments :-D

Katie, you did a great job rounding everybody up for WCB!

Gattina, Why not curtains indeed! :0)