Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Tail for Thursday

Stripe is very protective of his tail. He doesn't like it touched, interfered with, admired, praised, spoken about or meddled with in any way by anybody, no matter who you may THINK you are. He doesn't like it when other cats get too close to it. He loathes it when humans think they are allowed to touch it. If you get too close he will warn you by growling. If you do not immediately retreat from the tail he will growl a little louder. If you still decide to be obstinate (whether consciously or not) he WILL slap you very, very hard. If necessary he will draw blood.
As I snapped this picture he was giving me the second warning : the growl. I snapped the photo very quickly and then beat a hasty retreat.


Lux said...

Well, it's a beautiful tail, even if no one can touch it!

The Cooking Ninja said...

hehehe ... My PIL's cat hates to have his belly touched and if you ever dared or even accidentally touch it, he will bite you.